Privacy Policy

Personal data:

The customer information that he enters will be automatically saved by us, ex: "registration information, submitting an application, responding to a questionnaire, communicating via e-mail, or information that he shares in the future."

You can visit our site anonymously without the need to create an account to browse but to follow up on your order status or register on our site to buy, we may ask for some information ex: “name, email, postal address, mobile number, and credit card information (We don't save your credit card information, it is completely confidential) or other information".

We may keep a contact log if you contact us.

    Information Sharing:

    The confidentiality of our customers' information is an important part of our work, so we are keen not to share it with any person or entity except as required by government authorities.

    Information protection:

    We work hard to keep your information confidential by using security software that protects your information from being shared in the browser, we only show the last four digits of your credit card when placing the order.

    Deleting your account from our site:

    To submit a request to delete your account and personal information from our site, contact our customer service through:

    Mobile: +966538859093